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Services Offered

This program combines the most important aspects of adult life:

Activities Of Daily Living:

  • We participate in all aspects of adult life consisting of grocery shopping, doing laundry, making meals, washing dishes and household chores. Some of our clients even participate in post-secondary education at local community colleges.

Physical Fitness/Wellness

  • Physical wellness plays a large part in our program.  Clients will be going to a local fitness center where they will be following individualized personal fitness plans developed by our highly qualified staff.  These plans will focus on key components to improve overall health and well-being. Our daily fitness routines may consist of participating in individual work outs, group lessons, dance/aerobic work outs or aquatic integration.

Community Integration

  • We go on weekly trips that will focus on positive social integration and give meaningful experiences to our clients. We will be offering a variety of adaptive and inclusive activities that cater to different interests and abilities within the local communities.  Trips may include but are not limited to sports events, arts and crafts, music therapy, cooking classes, gardening, and recreational/retail outings.

Vocational/Supported Employment

  • Vocational training and supported employment is another large component of our program. We will provide tailored education, skill development, and job placement assistance to help clients integrate into the workforce successfully. Clients will complete several different job sampling placements tailored to their interest and skill set. We offer supports that may include job coaching, on the job training, workplace accommodations, and advocacy services.

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